ALTO Dairy Farm: born out of love – Simply as that

img12Ariel Mazan, member of Kibbutz Shomrat, worked as a dairy farmer for many years. Over the years he developed a new passion for cheese making; studied, trained and formed professional ties with leading experts in the dairy field abroad. ALTO- became a family boutique dairy farm and Ariel’s love and passion for cheese making characterized by creativity and precision, made him ALTO’s leading cheese maker developing unique dairy products while all family members join efforts to lead Alto to excellence.

ALTO’s cheese products are made from superb goat milk pastured in the Galilee region, using traditional techniques while maintaining strict precision process and the highest hygiene standards. ALTO’s products are made to offer you healthy nutritional yet rich gourmet cheese.

ALTO’s Dairy farm specializes in distinct hard goat cheeses and its line of products comprising over 15 kinds of cheeses textures and flavors: matured cheeses, fresh cheeses and none-sour thick yogurts. At Alto we also offer a variety of low fat cheeses.

Located in the heart of a fruit orchard, ALTO’s Dairy Farm is designed as a boutique store and a Coffee-Bar Restaurant that offers a large viewing window to the cheese making production hall .

ALTO's Visitors' center offers you and unique and authentic experience:

img13A guided tour at the dairy farm will enable you to learn about the goat cheese making process from stage one – receiving the milk, onto pasteurization, cheese making, maturation and aging processes. The tour familiarizes you with the different kind of cheese and explains the nutritional advantages of the goat milk dairy products.

·All tours are pre-schedules and charge small fee

·ALTO’s boutique store offers a large variety of exclusive goat milk cheeses; You may also choose from assorted wines, olive oil and other superb Western Galilee products.

·Coffee-Bar Restaurant: our dairy menu offers ALTO’s homemade fresh dishes based on Alto’s cheese including rich breakfasts, assorted sandwiches, salads, special quiches and great coffee.

Searching for a unique place to hold a small event? Alto will tailor to your needs.

ALTO’s dairy Farm is supervised by the Ministry of Health, and all its products are certified Kosher by the regional council’s rabbinate.

“ALTO” means “high” thus, all our products aim high in quality, rich textures and flavors

Address: Kibbutz Shomrat Hwy. 4 between Akko and Nahariya

Tel/fax: 04-9854802, Cell:  054- 5213121

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